History of Side dates back to 4000 BC. Today it is very rich with antique ruins & monuments. Under the protection of UNESCO, the archaeological monuments are being restored back to their original forms.

Starting with the Hittite civilization, Side joined Lydian League in the 7th Century & went under Persian rule followed by Macedonian King Alexander the Great, then passed to the Kingdom of Pergamum, followed by Roman Empire, Seljuks, Ottomans, and finally Turks. Within the borders of Turkey Side stayed as a sleeping fishing village & starting in 1970s became a popular Turkish & foreign tourist destination.

Amphitheatre, Apollo Temple, Agora, Hadrian Gate, Aqueducts, Fortuna Temple are few of the archaeological sites in Side which should be visited.

Regarding the vicinity, Seleucia, Aspendos; world famous best preserved amphitheatre, Perge; the water city, Selge, Phaselis antique cities, Olympus with the Eternal Fire are few of the places which must be visited.
Booking tours, Myra Rock Graves, Demre Santa Claus Church, Magic Valley & Cappadocia, Pamukkale are also places well worth visiting .